Our Clients

Blue Arch Technology Services put together a cost effective managed service plan that meets our business goals. We have fast, reliable support services without incurring the cost of a full time employee. Our systems are monitored, protected from viruses and kept up to date on all security patches. We have complete trust in them and would recommend their managed services to any company wanting predictable IT costs and to keep their systems running smooth.

Robinson Construction Co.

I am frequently working in the field and needed fast access to my desktop computer. Blue Arch listened to my needs and found the perfect solution for my company. Now, my customer satisfaction has increased because of my faster response times when away from my desk. Thank You Blue Arch!

Terra-Calc, Inc.

Ken and his company have always been honest and easy to work with. They are my go-to people and never leave me hanging.

I called at 4:02pm and they had my issue resolved by 4:17pm. Simply amazing, fast response. These guys know their stuff.

Colf Construction

I had worked with Ken before he started Blue Arch Tech. When I found out he had started his own business, I contacted him immediately. We use Blue Arch to monitor our workstations and to be our remote help desk. Their customer service blows the competition out of the water - no comparison.

Dirt Logic, Inc.

Many of us are frequently lost in the world of computer technology, especially when it comes to trouble-shooting a problem. On numerous occasions I’ve run into those aggravating work-stopping scenarios where my wireless connection won’t work, important pages won’t open properly, or my anti-virus software is providing so much security that I can’t use my own computer! While there are a few folks who can solve the easy challenges, like “clear your cache”, there’s one guy who can hit it out of the park and solve the toughest issues I’ve thrown at him… that’s Ken Smith. Time after time Ken has the patience and the experience to dig as deep as necessary to find and solve my computer issues, and the bonus is that he does it without making me feel small. I’m extremely thankful to have Ken Smith’s magic touch only a phone call away because I know he’ll find a solution to all the errant 1’s and 0’s that are driving me crazy.

Growing Champions for Life

Ken was instrumental in starting my solo family medical practice! He listened to my crazy ideas and worked with me to design a system perfect for my needs now with room to grow into the future. We are completely safeguarded, and are utilizing cutting edge technologies. With his expertise we successfully implemented our electronic record system in addition to all the supporting infrastructure. He worked with my architect, practice management consultant, phone and data contractor seamlessly to make it all happen on time and on budget. He continues to maintain it, and the preventive work he does on a regular basis have made our calls to him very few. I know that Ken understands the geeky details of my system, yet is a big picture thinker who has provided valuable direction for me as a naïve, first time business owner. I heartily endorse Ken and would be happy to speak with anyone about my experience!

Gillingham Family Practice