What Is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is very similar to the concept of paying for electricity as a utility rather than purchasing and running your own generator to power your home or office. Public utilities shoulder the burden of generating and delivering electricity and can provide a cheap, reliable, “pay as you go” service to anyone wanting water or power. Similarly, with Cloud computing, the cost of hosting, securing and delivering network services (such as Office 365) are owned by the utility company (i.e. Microsoft) and delivered to you over the Internet.

Why should I migrate my IT to the Cloud?

You will save money and free up office space by moving your technology to the Cloud however you need to consider a number of things first: how reliable your Internet connection is, what type of help desk support you want, security, what other applications (accounting, CRM etc.) you need and which devices (scanners, printers, iPads) you need to use.

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