Big Picture Thinking, Customized Solution To Our Company Needs

Ken from Blue Arch was instrumental in starting my solo family medical practice! He listened to my crazy ideas and worked with me to design a system perfect for my needs now with room to grow into the future. We are completely safeguarded, and are utilizing cutting edge technologies. With his expertise we successfully implemented our electronic record system in addition to all the supporting infrastructure. He worked with my architect, practice management consultant, phone and data contractor seamlessly to make it all happen on time and on budget. He continues to maintain it, and the preventive work he does on a regular basis have made our calls to him very few. I know that Ken understands the geeky details of my system, yet is a big picture thinker who has provided valuable direction for me as a naïve, first time business owner. I heartily endorse Ken and would be happy to speak with anyone about my experience!

Dr. Todd Gillingham
Gillingham Family Practice