Work together, instantly, from anywhere, with OneScreen™

Blue Arch Technology Services, LLC are proud to be an authorized reseller of OneScreen™ by Clary Icon. Combining truly innovative technology comprising of a large touch screen that is flexible enough to facilitate content review, brainstorming meetings, presentations, real time artwork annotation and even podcasting.

OneScreen™ encompasses all of your data and your familiar unified collaboration tools and presents them to you at just the touch of a finger. Whatever you choose, OneScreen™ delivers it. The options for collaboration are practically endless.

The benefits of OneScreen™ from Blue Arch:

  • OneScreen™ is the ultimate collaboration solution providing centralized access to your preferred work tools, relevant data - and to your teammates and fellow employees.
  • OneScreen™ hubware responds to any work mode you're in - from real time video collaboration to fundamental whiteboard brainstorming and anything in between.
  • OneScreen™ enables you to present, train, sell, hire, and strategize all from one fantastic looking, highly functional touch screen.

Benefit from a live video demo for OneScreen™ offered at no cost from Clary Icon's facility in San Diego, California. A product specialist will walk you through the various features in a completely interactive presentation where they will answer your questions directly.

Want to find out more about how OneScreen™ from Clary Icon can help your business enhance efficiency and productivity through advanced collaboration?

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